“Turning your dreams into reality, one event at a time.”

Ebany Renee Events, based in Hampton Roads, VA, is a boutique event planning firm dedicated to crafting exceptional weddings and opulent events. Our expertise shines in micro weddings, featuring an array of customizable themes and packages. Each option comes with a specific color palette and décor, designed to ease the planning process for any special occasion. We take pride in designing unique décor elements that will enchant your guests and make your event truly unforgettable. With Ebany Renee Events, you can unwind and savor the experience with a glass of wine, confident that every detail is meticulously managed.

  • Step 1. Inquire

    Fill out our online form to tell us about yourself, your event and what you are looking for. This information will help us get to know you and determine your unique package.

  • Step 2. Consult

    After completing our form, we will send you a link for our free consultation. During the consultation, we will collect all pertinent information about your special day.

  • Step 3. Plan

    This is where the magic happens! We will fulfill requirements for your big day to make everything as easy as possible.

  • Step 4. Set Up

    On the day of your event, we will set everything up, making sure we stay on schedule. We will follow your custom itinerary to insure we stay on task so your event runs smoothly.

  • Step 5. Clean Up

    After your event, we will clean up all decor and rented items, leaving you with the memories of a perfect event!

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