Welcome to MY WORLD!!!

Welcome to MY WORLD!!!

Today I talked to such a wise young lady about how important is to use your talents and how when you are blessed, you use those talents to help, bless and teach others. It wasn’t until today that i realized how i’m standing in my own way…how I AM BLESSED beyond measure and must focus on the talents that was given to me!! Why limit yourself? Why doubt yourself when you know you are capable of so much more? Join me in celebrating my INDIVIDUALITY!! Let’s celebrate yours!!! My lifestyle blog is here to give you a piece of my life and to help teach others as well as learn something new myself. I want to share my creativity as far as food, clothing, DIY projects, day to day activities and so much more!!! Allow me to to step you in to my world…I promise you won’t regret it…

“I am Ebany Renee.”

  • Shawnita
    October 15, 2015

    Yasssss! What you do for others the Lord makes happen for you… #sowseeds

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