Cake and Chopsticks

Ok…so with celebrating both my bestie’s birthdays, we had the best cake ever with strawberry whipped frosting!!! Sitting there, we could not find utensils to eat the cake with so my friend comes up with the brilliant idea of “chopsticks”. Now, from the picture it really looks like chopsticks; however, those were really straws!!! I said to her “why are you eating with straws!!” Her response was “Because I can’t find a fork. You have to live a little.” I burst into laughter because we were doing just that…living a little. Now, the picture caught me as soon as i laughted right after she responded to my question. The most perfect photos are the ones that are off guard, capturing in your most natural person.

Anyway, the message here is “live life.” Sometimes we are faced with difficult situations and hard times but that shouldn’t stop you from living. Surround yourself with possitive and motivating individuals that will be there whether you are crying or flying. Celebrate, dance and sing appreciating life because there are those who no longer living and celebrating their lives.

*Be greatful*

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