More For Your Bucks

My favorite past time is shopping!!! It does not matter if I’m thrifting or shopping in the mall, I just love shopping!!! I’m also about saving a few coins as well. Nothing excites me more than getting a great deal on clothes. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything in life. Lol. All of my “real shoppers” understand where I’m coming from.


*It’s My Birthday*

Today marks my 28th year of life. I have cried, laughed, been stressed, and been happy within this 28 years. I have gained plenty of friends and I have lost plenty as well. I have had my trials and tribulations but I must say that I am the happiest I have ever been. This year, I was able to celebrate my birthday with people who mean a lot to me, have the spotlight and was treated like a queen.


But Don’t Stop…

So a few days ago, I was asked to create a halloween costume for one of my best friends. She wanted to be “Queen of Hearts”, a character from one of my favorite childhood movie Alice in Wonderland. Now, when she asked did I know how to make the outfit, I said yes, knowing I could do it but I was unsure because it was something that I had never done.

Beauty Tips

Catching the Light…

Every female worries about taking the perfect pictures. Everything just has to be right. Makeup…hair…smile…your profile just has to be perfect. My grandmother use to say “You can’t rush perfection.” It takes time to get “right”.


Cake and Chopsticks

Ok…so with celebrating both my bestie’s birthdays, we had the best cake ever with strawberry whipped frosting!!! Sitting there, we could not find utensils to eat the cake with so my friend comes up with the brilliant idea of “chopsticks”.


Tis the season…

This weekend I had the pleasure of sharing it with my 2 bestfriends and my cousin. I was a little sad that I missed my little cousin’s event due to not having a sitter. (Sad face) I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FELLOW SCORPIOS!!! IT’S SCORPIO SEASON!!! This weekend gave me life! It has shown me that I have to live outside of being a mom, work and being a girlfriend.



Now, I love this look!!! This top here, I found on the clearance rack at Cotton On. The jeans are Levis bout at Macy’s. I found the shoes while thrifting. This look screams YEEESSS!!! You can dress up this look with a more dressy pump and clutch or calm it down with a sneaker and over the shoulder bag. I went for the casual, yet “chillax” look.


Free of it all…

This look was inspired by nature itself…how free…how innocent…the colors speak volumes and goes perfectly with my out. The lace long loose skirt make me want to just let go and exhale!! BE FREE!!! The top was a thin strapped crop that i detached the strapps from the back and turned into a haulter crop.


Just a little something…

Hello all!!! So recently I started to clean my closet and came across some peices (tops and bottoms) that i had packed away over a year ago. Some things were never worn and I got to thinking, “hey,  why not have a mini photoshoot!!!” So my bestfriend and I grabbed our camera phones and redbull and went on a voyage to find a nice body of water and stoops for our background.


I’m Kinda a Mystery…

So I was sitting here thinking…I’m going into a new chapter in my life. Being a fashion designer has always been a dream of mine since I was really little. I love fashion. I had a conversation with my best friend, who also blogs, and decided to do a photoshoot just pulling some peices together that I had just hanging in my closet and that I’ve made.