What’s In My Bag?

As females, we hoard everything in our purse from silverware to hand soap! My boyfriend asked “Does your shoulder hurt from all of that stuff in your purse?” I relied “Not really” because unfortunately I’ve gotten used to carrying a ridiculous amount of stuff. It’ s actually kind of embarrassing. I also find it funny because my purse is known as the so called “everything but the kitchen sink” bag. I literally carried everything in my purse!!! So for New Years, I decided to de-clutter my life. *Sigh* For those of us who own an entire shoe & clothing store in their closet, you understand how hard it is to get rid of your precious items. I started with the easiest thing first … my purse. I literally dumped everything out! I counted 13 lipsticks, 2 eye shadow pallets, around 15 makeup brushes, 6 lip glosses, a crap load of eye and lip liners, receipts, camera, sketchbook, planner, pencils, pens, highlighters, etc. You can pretty much get the picture. My purse represented my life. Cluttered. Unorganized. Confusing. There were plenty of times I was forced to dump my bag to find my car keys (I know … ridiculous!). So as of today, I have successfully de-cluttered my bag and my bedroom. My car is a different story (we’ll tackle that later)!

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