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More For Your Bucks

My favorite past time is shopping!!! It does not matter if I’m thrifting or shopping in the mall, I just love shopping!!! I’m also about saving a few coins as well. Nothing excites me more than getting a great deal on clothes. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything in life. Lol. All of my “real shoppers” understand where I’m coming from.

Set Yourself a Limit:
After high school I went to school full time, had a part time job and a full time job. I would just spend away. There was no limit too much for me until my dad said “you have 2 jobs so why am I giving you gas money for YOUR car.” After riding around with my car on E, I got myself together on a budget plan, courtesy of my BFF Diamond. Each week i had a shopping allowance. There were a few times I went over but not by much. Setting limits helps you track your money better and you know where it is going. It works hand in hand with saving money because you are limited to funds and will choose wisely when buying.

Know what you are looking for:
This is always a tough one for me because I seem to be a difficult shopper at times. Knowing what you are looking for and staying focused, saves a lot of time and money. If you know you are looking for a teal shirt, there is no reason you should browsing through the black dresses. Lol. Knowing what you are looking for and staying focused will definitely keep money in your pockets.

Check for Sales:
When shopping, I usually shop on days when their is a sale or promotion going on. For example, the CHKD thrift store in my hometown, has 25% off every Tuesday. I also use coupons, coupons, coupons!!! Coupons,are great for when buying makeup and other items at Walgreen’s, Rite-aid, Target, etc. I love these stores because depending on when and where you are shopping, if you spend a certain amount they will send you a gift card and you can still use your coupons!!! Free money speaks to my soul!!! Thanks to my friend Erica for putting me on to this at Target!!! Also check your local news papers for sales ads. Clearance racks hold prizes!!! Have you ever went to a store and saw a dress that you loved but look at the price and say “this is not worth it”? Then go back to the store and it’s hanging on the clearance rack like it was waiting for you. That’s love!!! Don’t get me wrong, I too partake in regular spending; however, I love to save money. Those extra $3 could go toward that leather jacket you were going crazy over in Macy’s.

Go for No:
You have to learn the word NO!! I know personally I still have a problem saying “that word”. I’m so guilty of seeing things I like and buying them but I have absolutely nothing to go with it and before you know it, a year has went past and its still hanging in my closet waiting to get sent back to the thrift store I bought it from!! Do you see how that works? That extra money could have been put towards something useful!! Saying the word NO also keeps you from over spending.

Set yourself a limit before you go in, know what you are looking for, check for sales, and say no when necessary. I hope these tips were helpful!! I love feedback!!! Comment or email me at!!! Kissed to you all!!!