Just a little something…

Hello all!!! So recently I started to clean my closet and came across some peices (tops and bottoms) that i had packed away over a year ago. Some things were never worn and I got to thinking, “hey,  why not have a mini photoshoot!!!” So my bestfriend and I grabbed our camera phones and redbull and went on a voyage to find a nice body of water and stoops for our background. This look here was inspired by a photo taken of my mother when she was a teen. The vintage print top was found when i was out thrifting. At the time I could not fit it but I knew I’d put it to use oneday. The tights are from Kmart. The boots are from Rue 21’s clearance. Outfit for under $30!!!!

//Vintage Print Top (about $2.00)//Nicki Minaj Tights (about $19.99)//Rue 21 Cowboy Boots ($5.00 clearane…a major steal)//firstpose1firstpose4fiestpose3

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