What’s In My Bag?

As females, we hoard everything in our purse from silverware to hand soap! My boyfriend asked “Does your shoulder hurt from all of that stuff in your purse?” I relied “Not really” because unfortunately I’ve gotten used to carrying a ridiculous amount of stuff. It’ s actually kind of embarrassing.


Happy Birthday Jazmin!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl!!! It’s so hard to accept the fact that you are 6 years old now…watching you grow has been an amazing experience and I’m excited for whats yet to come!!! Mommy will always have your back and be in your corner!!! I love you Jazmin Joy!!


New Year, Successful Me

Hmmm…New Years Resolutions…how original. Every year we start with the “New Year, New Me” phrase or we make some bogus resolution that we never seem to execute. “My new years resolution is to work out 5 days a week, twice a day, for an hour per session and I want to lose 15 pounds so i can fit into my senior prom dress.


The Ugly Truth Part 1

The funny thing about an ugly sweater is that they are so freaken cute. The truth is, my competitive side kicks in when I hear the word “competition”. I go above and beyond for a good clean win. My creativity jumps way off the map and for this competition, I think I outdid myself.


*Inspired and Determined*

Hello everyone!!! I have been having a hard time posting these last coming of weeks due to my website acting crazy!!! Finally I am able to post! I have decided to hold off on the posts that I originally wanted to post. I wanted to talk about being inspired and determined.
One day at work my best friend sent me over an invite on Periscope to view one of Naptural Nicole’s live scopes.


~*The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Christmas*~

Hello all!!! I am proud to say that December 17th makes 2 months since I officially made my first blog post on www.EbanyRenee.com. I am so proud of this accomplishment because I have tried to start my blog for years. Before I didn’t understand the dedication, time, and planning it required to maintain a blog.


~*Monday Blues*~

Is it Monday already!!! It seems like it was just last Monday. What happened to the weekend!!!! It just went by so fast!!! This morning I woke with a post in mind, but hey, lets save that one for a later date.
Monday comes with it’s own set of attitudes that I’m just not ready for.


*Forgive Me*

Hello guys!!! I’m sorry that I didn’t post last week!!! Last week was a very stressful week for me!!! Between orders and my cousin getting hurt, I have really been out of my element. I do apologize and hope that you guys can forgive me. Just know that I didn’t forget about you guys, I just needed time to get myself together.


“Creativity Ain’t Got A Time Schedule”

Have you ever been laying in bed…sleep…that good kind of sleep that has your mouth open and your saliva begans to trail down the side of your face…suddenly you are sitting up, awake, phone in hand typing away…a text to yourself…pen in hand, paper on the pillow sketching…”Creativity ain’t got a time schedule” I was once told.